Car Tips

General Hints and Tips for looking after your car:

Do a weekly check on oil, water and coolant levels to make sure the car runs smoothly.
Ensure these checks are done before heading out on a long journey.

Ensure your car tyre pressures are correct for optimum safety and performance. Low pressure tyres give a lot of drag, poor control and wear out quickly. Get your car tyre pressures here:

Your brake disks or pads may need replacing if the brakes are noisy, grinding or feel spongy when applying the brake pedal.

If your topping your car up with oil on a regular basis, a bit too often could actually be an oil leak. Speak to a car mechanic to get some advice if your unsure.

Poor traction and control could be worn out tyre treads. Be sure to check the depth of tread on every tyre to ensure they are safe and within the law.
Tyre tread depths can easily be checked using a 20p coin, watch this short video clip: Click Here

A car overheating on regular basis could be a leaking cylinder-head gasket, for further advice on this speak to a qualified car mechanic.

A car battery that looks corroded should not be removed or repaired unless you know what you are doing, get advice from a qualified car mechanic.

DO NOT START THE CAR if you have filled the fuel tank with the wrong type fuel. Putting the wrong fuel in the engine can damage various parts, speak to a mechanic asap.

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